The past year

It has been a while since I last posted in my blog. A lot has happened since and I wanted to write a bit about where I have been this year and what happened to take such a break from blogging.

During the first quarter of 2019, I decided to change jobs. I joined Weaveworks as an Engineering Manager and took over a team that had a very challenging project ahead.

Early 2019, we saw a house we really liked and we decided to sell our previous house and buy this one. It was a new build, so we didn’t really know exactly when it would be delivered. We undertook the project of bringing it up to our specification, decorate it and get it ready for moving in during September 2019. We managed this project ourselves, hiring contractors and scheduling jobs to get the house ready on a predictable schedule. We didn’t know at the time, but moving to the new house would be a very wise choice given the lockdown that was coming our way in 2020. One thing that I had to do and never expected to have to do was fire one of our contractors on their very first day (technically it was their second day, because they didn’t show up on day 1). He showed up and started increasing the price of the job based on things he didn’t expect to be the way they were, like the stair risers (he had only quoted for stair tops, nor risers…). So we went ahead and sent him home and decided to do our woodflooring ourselves, which was an amazing project but also took a lot of time out of our schedules.

After doing the flooring, of course, we learnt so much that we decided to build some bespoke furniture and we are working on making some of the furniture for the new home as we speak. It is a new hobby that no doubt is bringing a lot of fulfilment to our lives.

The one new house feature that has brought a lot of joy to our lives during lockdown is our garage gym. Being able to exercise at home fully, without needing to go out to a gym has been a blessing. Here is a glimpse into one of our favourite places:

Our new garage gym
Our new garage gym

Back to work endeavors, working at Weaveworks has been a really good experience, we delivered the project we set ourselves to deliver with relative ease. In the process, I learnt the ropes of being a manager and built on my previous experience as a technical lead. I developed strong relationships with my teams and my peers at the company.

In April, however, things took a turn for the worse and I decided to take a voluntary redundancy and some time off to think about what to do next. Currently exploring new technologies and enjoying some down time from the excitement of the corporate world.