OpenStack Queens on ARM64

We are in Dublin this week, at the OpenStack PTG. We happen to be here on a week that has red weather warnings all over Europe, so most of us are stuck in Dublin for longer than we expected.

Queens has been released!

During Pike/Queens my team at Linaro (Software Defined Infrastructure) have been enabling different parts of OpenStack on ARM64 and making sure the OpenStack code is multiarch when necessary (note that I use the terms AArch64 and ARM64 interchangeably).

There seems to be some confusion about the nature of the servers we are using, here is a picture of one of our racks:

Arm rack
Arm rack

Queens is the first release that we feel confident will run out of the box on ARM64, a milestone of collaboration not only from the Linaro member companies but also from the OpenStack community at large. OpenStack projects have been welcoming of the diversity and inclusive, helping us ramp up: either giving direction and reviewing our code or fixing issues themselves.

We will be deploying Queens with Kolla on the Linaro Developer Cloud (ARM64 servers) and documenting the experience for new Kolla users, including brownfield upgrades.

The Linaro Developer Cloud is a collaborative effort of the Linaro Enteprise Group to ensure ARM64 building and testing capabilities are available for different upstream projects, including OpenStack.

This cycle we added resources from one of our clouds to the openstack-infra project so the community can start testing multiarch changes regularly. The bring up of the ARM64 cloud in infra is in progress, there are only 8 executors currently available to run jobs that we’ll be using for experimental jobs for the time being. The long term goal of this effort is to be able to run ARM64 jobs on the gates by default for all projects.

What next? Next steps include running experimental gate jobs for Kolla and any other project that volunteers, ironing out any leftover issues, making sure devstack runs smoothly, incrementally making sure we have a stable platform to run tests on and inviting all OpenStack projects to take part if they are interested. If you want to discuss any specifics or have questions either use the Kolla mailing or reach out to hrw on freenode.