Ready to set up 3rd Party CI for AArch64

I am so excited after attending the OpenStack Newton Midcycle for Infra/QA this week!

I have spoken to the OpenStack Infra team and they gave me advice on what we need to do to set up a 3rd Party CI for AArch64. We have a Moonshot with a few cartridges ready to be put to good use testing OpenStack:

Moonshot chassis with a few Arm cartridges
Moonshot chassis with a few Arm cartridges

I also had the chance to discuss with some of the tempest folks about the Interop Test Spec and we had a first discussion about how to lower the barrier of entry to run tempest by autogenerating a tempest.conf that can be used to run the interop tests. All of those are TODO items on my list for the coming weeks… cannot wait! :-)

But first things first, I am on my way to Las Vegas next week for the Linaro Connect. We will be discussing, amongst other things, AArch64 and the OpenStack work we are doing.