Project Teams Gathering OpenStack - First thoughts

I am in Atlanta this week at the first OpenStack PTG meetings. Since this is the first meeting of this kind, I didn’t really know what to expect. We had a schedule with a lot of project meetings happening at the same time. The first two days have been all about horizontal teams, this is teams that interact with all the other teams in one way or another.

I have been busy at the OpenStack Kolla meetings this time around. I tried to attend a few discussions of the Interop/Refstack meeting, but I couldn’t really keep up with both, so I decided to focus in Kolla, which is going to be where our contributions are going to go mainly for OpenStack Pike. Kolla is a project that produces Docker containers and scripts to be able to easily install OpenStack. Up until now we were producing our own packages for Debian and CentOS, but this has become difficult to maintain and it doesn’t scale very well. Contributing AArch64 containers to Kolla and helping the project become truly multiarch seems to be the way forward.

My team has a blueprint that we are working towards. The Kolla team have welcomed us and our contributions and are being very helpful getting us up to speed to be able to contribute effectively.

The first two days have been very productive, here is a link to the etherpad with the conversations we have been having:

Now ready to start attending the vertical team’s meetings. This should be easier for me as I don’t need to be everywhere at once.

Here is a picture of the Interop Working Group, taken on Tuesday of the PTG:

Interop working group
Interop working group