OpenStack Summit 2015 Tokyo – Day 2

This morning we started early (7am!) with the Women of OpenStack breakfast session. We had some good discussions around how to help women in technology voice their concerns/ideas and how to make their (our) work more visible to the world. As always it was a pleasure to meet such a group of talented individuals. We took some pics, here’s my favourite:

Women of OpenStack
Women of OpenStack

The rest of the day was spent working with another member of the tailgaters group from Rackspace trying to hack on some tests (in our case today it was about trying to set ourselves up to be able to do that going forward). We attended a few DefCore sessions and discussed what is coming to RefStack with Catherine. She was kind enough to show us some neat improvements that are planned for this cycle.

We even made time to go for lunch to a ramen restaurant that served delicious food I had never tried before.

At the end of the day I also attended a QA session that was about figuring out the future of the tempest cli and what new options would be useful for end users of tempest going forward.

It was a great day packed with sessions and hacking/talking about the best approach to testing for the tailgaters group going forward and trying to decide what direction to try to make progress on first.