OpenStack Summit 2015 Tokyo - Day 1

Today was the first day of ODS for the new release of OpenStack. The day started with a great keynote and I was happy to see a few women on the list of speakers. There was so much good content going on that I struggled to decide what sessions to attend.

For me, the day was about getting to meet people I have been talking to during this cycle but didn’t know, such as the DefCore committee. DefCore is a project that aims at establishing a set of capabilities that define what an OpenStack deployment is. This is quite difficult to do with a product that is a composition of so many different projects and it requires a lot of stable and automated testing in order to be doable. I will post the conclusions from all the discussions I attend to during the week at the end of the summit. Today the scene was set for further conversations where we will get to discuss whether the current process meets the integrators and OpenStack users needs or not (and caters for developers as well), and how to make modifications to it.

I also attended a brilliant workshop where neutron was explained and troubleshooting of problems was described in detail. I enjoyed very much learning how other people diagnose neutron issues and what tools they use and got some ideas. For instance, I didn’t know easyOVS makes life so much easier when reading neutron logs.

I attended a QA session that was about tempest plugins and they were describing/talking extensively about Grenade, a project for testing OpenStack upgrades between releases.

The day ended with a visit to the marketplace for some networking and to be able to see what all the OpenStack players are up to. There was also sushi and beer!

Drinks at the marketplace in the evening
Drinks at the marketplace in the evening