New year, new blog design

It is that time of the year again when I think about my blog and want to make changes to it. Make it more readable. More usable. More updatable and maintainable. Hopefully this change brings all of that and more.

I am moving away from a Wordpress based blog so I can have full control over the content and plugins, i.e. avoid the spam some of the plugins I was using were inserting on the site, to be able to change the theme to my liking and have it all version controlled, to remove the database and admin interface overhead from our server, etc. It was also upsetting the amount of random attempts to hack Wordpress that I was getting in the logs. Hence, I decided to go for a standalone, edit the posts in markdown with vim, Jekyll powered blog. I tried to make it readable, easy to navigate, responsive, no-nonsense design. Special thanks to my significant other for his patience and help with it.

It has been fun to choose a theme, customize it and migrate the content from the old platform.

Time to start adding content!