The IBM Interoperability Challenge

By Gema Gomez

I was walking early this morning to the keynote area to get ready for our demo.

Interop Challenge

We were all fidgety backstage and ready to get started. They gave us plenty of coffee, food and round tables to spark conversations. It was a fun breakfast.


Later 16 of us went on stage at the keynotes of the OpenStack Developer Summit and run a workload on our respective clouds all at the same time. All the workloads run smoothly from stage. One ansible playbook did run smoothly on 16 different clouds. Amazing. One of them was the Linaro Developer Cloud, running on ARM64 servers. This shows how much all the work we have been doing at Linaro with the different upstream projects has paid off and how smoothly OpenStack runs on ARM64. Exciting times ahead!

After the fact we got a token of appreciation and recognition to all the hard work that went into making the challenge a reality. Thank you!

The prize

This demo was all about demonstrating that one single workload can run smoothly on different clouds as long as they adhere to certain rules, the interoperability requirements. These requirements are being worked on by the Interop Working Group (was: DefCore Committee) and I would like to encourage everyone to get involved!

And now back to sessions and conversations. Very productive week!